When I get compliments on my glowy skin (while I stay silent over the exaggerated amount of highlighter I have on my face) I always refer them to acids, then everyone gives me a crazy look.
As if I'm crazy for using acids on the skin, I like that reaction so I can further explain what I do on my skin, leaving aside the fact that im putting acids on my face.

I personally use all type of acids but not all at the same time, only some times, but most likely I like to not use them all at once and certainly not while I'm using vitamin C somewhere in my routine.

I'll proceed to explain the most common acids found in skincare the easiest way possible, so when you can find the one that best suits your skin.


It's probably the most popular at the moment, works great for hydrating your skin and give you a more plump look to your face, works great with other ingredients and basically gives you a better skin. With constant use can also help diminish and fill fine lines.


If you want to start into chemical exfoliators this is the starting point! Lactic acid, due to it's larger molecular size tends to be a gentler yet powerful way to get rid of dead skin cells, give skin a glow and fade those acne marks and sun spots. Perfect to use if you have sensitive skin.


Let me introduce you lactic acid's stronger sister, Glycolic Acid, this one works great for getting rid of older marks, darker spots and even helping your skin with acne scarring. This is due to its smaller molecular size, it penetrates deeper into the skin, allowing your skin to renovate and show brighter skin in less time. It can be a little more aggressive and harsh on your skin, so it's recommended for people with more resistance to acids.


This is probably the most popular for the younger ones interested in skin care and acne. This is an acid that penetrates deep into your skin and reduce sebum production, that's why is marvelous for acne prone skin. It can also help with discoloration and light acne scars, since it's also a bit exfoliant.

Remember to always always always, particularly while using any of these acids use sunscreen, since these could particularly sensitize skin and make it more vulnerable to burn.*

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