I'm going to be very honest, I don't love full coverage anything, I'm sorry Nikkie Tutorials, but I'm not that kinda person anymore :(

Back to when I was 16 and had tons and tons of acne, I was so self concious about my skin, and the redness and the texture, I just wanted to cover it all, I wanted a mask of foundation + a mask of concealer and set it all up with a nice powder to get rid of texture, that's what I wanted.

Over the last couple of years my skin has gotten a lot better and suddenly I don't want to cover it all, actually the opposite, I want to show more of my skin as it gets better and better, I stopped using full coverage anything and stick to BB creams and Korean Cushions, because they just do THAT for me, however there's ONE THING.

I recently discover ONE product that I didn't know I needed, I didn't even wanted, but I guess I actually did because I love it.

AS USUAL, I was wondering around Sephora looking for something to caught my eye, I never wonder too far (as in Marc Jacobs) because I know I can't afford those prices atm. However for some reason I took a chance, I walked around the wild sides and what did I found? SALES!

I see a Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able concealer on sale! I was in shock because, Marc Jacobs is P R I C E Y. But the texture, the little pot, reminded me of my comfortable Glossier Stretch Concealer, I was in love, all I can remember is beautiful things, a card swipe and then me at home with a Sephora bag, I don't know what happened!

I luckily discover a full coverage concealer that has a perfect formulation IMO. It's super creamy, it's blendable, it sets, doesn't creases under the eye, it covers pimples and redness, spreads like butter on the skin yet stays put for hours, how no one is talking about this?

All I have to say is that if you come across this product (or this sale) don't think about it twice, it's $32 and I think it's worth every penny. The product is wonderful, if you want under eye coverage or pimple coverage it works amazing, favorite.

TIP: To those days where you can't sleep and you find yourself at 3:55 AM writing and you have a big day tomorrow, use it under the eyes and set it with a little bit of your favorite powder, I use Coty Airspun (Thanks Tati) and trust me, that's gonna be a great day for your undereye and for you.

Is there any concealer that went under the radar? Do you have a holy grail that no one is talking about? Let us know! Because we certainly care.

Thanks for reading, until next concealer shows up!


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