Accutane can give you great skin results, but it can change the way your body works, accutane ruined my hair, and a silk pillowcase came to save it.

Yes, my skin was looking clearer and the breakouts stopped, however my hair was breaking and my joints were in pain at times, and let's not talk about how dry my lips were, they were right; beauty has a big price.

Over the months while using accutane I realized my hair was falling out and thinning, I asked my doctor very worried and she said it's a common thing, 'accutane is a very potent drug'.

I tried many shampoos, oils, creams and even when they made my hair felt nice I still would find many hairs in my pillowcase. I read in a few blogs I follow that a silk pillowcase could do the trick, they were quite expensive so I was always hesitant, but I said to myself 'you deserve it' while I thought of my first check on my new job, so I went out and get it.

The surprise came after the first night, in the morning i noticed a considerable change, there were no hairs in my pillow, i was so surprised, I turned it around amd there were only two hairs there, JUST TWO, when the morning before I found like 25 or more, the change was real.

As I continue using this silk pillowcase I also realized my skin is feeling a lot smoother and my eyes for some reason feel less puffy, I didn't know a pillowcase could do that!

Right now I feel like a silk pillowcase was a great skincare-haircare investment that didn't came in a bottle.

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