What is actually worth from Fenty Beauty? An Answer

I always say that every week we are presented with new beauty products, the industry is growing every day a little bit more and brands have to stay on top of the game, they all want to be that brand.
Only a couple brands will stand out, so when Fenty Beauty came to the market and slayed the game with their inclusivity we were all very thankful, it all started with foundation, shockingly blingy highlighters and a universal lip gloss that works for just everyone, that sounds great huh.

Now we put it in our hands and decided to try some of the products from Fenty Beauty to give our honest opinion on what's actually worth it from the line and what should stay on the shelves.


I think there's nothing to this highlighter, we tried products with this primer, we tried the Fenty foundation with and without the primer, there's no pore blurring effect, no moisturizing sensation, didn't make any product last longer, it was there. For a $32 primer, this is a PASS.


This one causes me problems, I want to LOVE it, the coverage it's great, the foundation lasts on my face, it's a great match to my skin tone too, but the texture of it it's just not great. I don't have a problem with pores or fine lines, but this foundation seems to try hard to cling into every little dry patch, settles into pores and just looks bad. From a meter distance it looks perfect, but up close and with full light it's a PASS for me. I tried to use this with primer, without it, with a face oil, with tons of skincare underneath, with glowy setting spray and it would all give me the same result, that's why I pass from this.

 However can't deny that it might work perfectly for someone with oily skin and maybe a good pore primer.


I know we had a rocky start to the brand, but with all the foundation options out there, Fenty has to stay on top of the game and the foundation was just not cutting it, but when we tried the highlighters (a topic I'm personally obsessed with) I was very satisfied. Of course the first one we HAD to try was 'Trophy Wife' the very yellow gold highlighter you see everywhere, that particular one was of course not a match for my medium-light skin tone, but can't deny the formula was great.

We also tried Mean Money / Hu$tla Baby duo and although the mean money side was a little 'meh' Hu$tla Baby takes the cake with a very blinding champagne color highlighter, it's lovely, it makes the skin look glowy and beautiful, it can suit so many skintones and this is a HARD YES.

And finally although it's the same product it's definitely NOT the same formula when it comes to 'Metal Moon'. This one was particularly dissapointing because it looks and feels more like a finishing radiant powder than a highlighter, I would expect more gold from this 'white to gold' product, it's not as good as the rest and for the price I expect to look like a light bulb, but if you are into that very soft highlight I think there are better options somewhere else, this is a HARD NO.


I have a little debate on these, they are not bad, they are not great, they last surprisingly long and leave a pretty stain on the lip, they are just not that great, I don't know how to say it, they are the least surprising feature of the line, they can do better. And for that price, so can you, Jordana could save you a few bucks and your matte lipstick would look the same.


Yep, we tried this one as well and what can we say... WE LOVE IT! there's nothing wrong with this product, it smells amazing, it looks amazing, it's glossy, non sticky, it's pretty, it does adapt to the different skintones, it just does great! We're gonna keep it short and sweet, go get it, it's worth every dollar.


So here's the dilemma, we like many things about this one, it works with many different skin tones, it has a lovely coverage/pigmentation, the formula is soft and you can basically cover your entire lip on one swipe, however it doesn't dry and we live in fear of the product staining our hands, our tops, our reputations, it's a great product, but the amount of care you have to put in for this to work it's a lot. Not sure if our 'very low maintenance' kinda life it's suitable with this lip product.


This is it, this product made this brand worth the while, oh my god Rihanna. THIS IS AMAZING!
Like I mentioned previously, I'm a huge highlighter fan, huge, major, I try every highlighter at the stores, I end up with glowy hands after leaving Sephora and swatching everything there is, but this is top notch ladies and gentleman. For a whopping price of $36 you can have your your deams come true. This glittery creamy highlighter can be used by anyone and any where. It has a clear base so it doesn't look too light or too dark on anyone, It's the best to give that luxurious glossy-wet look with a creamt texture, trust me on this one, if you have $36 on your pocket run for it, since I THINK it's a limited edition. RUN!

Is there another product you love and we missed from the brand? Is there another way to use the products we disliked and we are missing out? Please let us know, because we certainly care !


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