The photographer who loves the drugstore and red lipsticks: A top shelf

"I don't believe in high end products, I much rather go to the drugstore and get great quality products for half or even a third of the price. I have a relationship with Walmart and I need nothing else"


I start my beauty routine with a toner, I like to use Dickinson witch hazel toner, is great for pores and smells incredible,  I follow up with Shea Moisture moisturizer for sensitive skin, it reduces the redness on my skin and I just feel soft and fresh. Also if i'm feeling pimply or something I'll use this calendula based moisturizer, just in case some pimple tries to make a way to my face.

Sometimes I use a serum with glycolid acid, don't even know the brand cause it fade from the bottle, but it sets wonderful under foundation and for some reason it makes it last all day.

Ever since I started taking care of my skin, my mother always insisted on using sunscreen, she constantly says that it doesn't matter if your moisturizer has sunscreen, always add that little extra layer, just in case.


I don't do foundation everyday, I only ever do it if I'm going out or I'm having my photo taken, in that case I'll use Neutrogena Healthy Skin in ivory or the BB cream from Maybelline, they're both soft and creamy, not really into heavy foundations, but if I want the whole coverage sensation, I'll just mix 'em.

When I don't do foundation I'll literally just do concealer, that does the trick for me. I love the neutrogena concealers, pretty much all of them, but primarily the healthy skin concealer. I also love the Revlon Colorstay one for those days when the undereye is a thing. They're both lightweight but still creamy and able to work on me.

For brows I never use the same product twice, I rarely repurchase, I'm on a hunt of looking the best drugstore brow product, always changing it up but for now I'm using the Kokie Brow Kit It's working pretty great for me, I only use the powders though, not loving the included pomade.

When it comes to mascara I mostly dislike all of em, I think they are all clumpy and sticky and thick, I don't like that feeling on my eyes, I like more natural feeling mascaras, such as 'IM' cosmetics, they do many oils infused mascaras that make my lashes grow and look thick at the same time.

For eyeliner I don't do much, I'll buy one and stick to it until I happen to find a new one and forget about the last one, I'm not a faithful product user, I'll use what comes in handy. For now is Revlon eyeliner, it doesn't move on my oily eyelids, that's why I love it.

My favorite part of my routine is approaching, Lipsticks and Highlighters.

For lipsticks I don't have much to day other than it's either nude or true red, I don't play with pinks, oranges, corals, I like my mauvy nudes or a strong bold red, that's what I like, sometimes I mix 2 or 3 shades a-la-monroe, so I can get a closer red to the one I have in mind at the moment.  Revlon, and Milani make my favorites.

For Highlight I love the elf baked highlighters they are highlighty but not glittery or too blinding, I'm not into that look. But If I want to be a bit more glossy I'll go for the Maybelline Master strobing stick, kinda duo-chrome, kinda amazing, it's a great way to shine.

Zuleima O.

- As told to aery community.

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