Is there a new dupe for Tatcha Silk Canvas? An Answer.

If you are a beauty addict like we are, you've most likely been wandering around the aisles of Sephora looking for something to caught your eye, and if you have a good eye, you've likely seen the Tatcha Silk Canvas, also no need to go to Sephora, since it's already on every website and youtube video. It's constantly in our eyes.

Everyone loves it, smells amazing and according to basically everyone, it makes your skin look amazing, your makeup stay put for hours and overall just a great product to have in your vanity for only $52 USD. (Also it smells pretty lovely btw)

But recently the low cost drugstore brand e.l.f decided to launch their own Silk Canvas primer, under the name of ' Putty primer' for only $8 USD. That's 6 TIMES LESS EXPENSIVE! With a very similar texture and similar look as in how you grab the product. If you have a good eye, you would call shade and call it a dupe.

But are they really dupes? I mean they may have a similar packaging and texture but, are they?

At first glance the only difference is the scent (which elf has none to its product while silk canvas has its signature scent). But when we check on ingredients are they dupes? Yes and No. More yes than no.

They do have PRETTY SIMILAR INGREDIENTS however not in the same order. They both share great ingredients like glycerin, camellia sinesis leaf, rice extract, squalene and other goodies, but they also share not so great ingredients like dimethicones and silica, which are not bad, just not the best for a very 'green makeup'. 

The order in the ingredients may affect a little bit the final composition for the quantities applied, however, they do have mostly the same ingredients at the same levels.

So once again we ask ourselves, are they dupes? YES, they are, they 90% are the same formula.

Final thoughts? You don't need to go to Sephora and pay $52USD for the Tatcha one, elf has the same thing for $8 minus the fragrance. 

For this time, choose drugstore!

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