I tried the every-nyc-girl favorite toner: A review.

I love reading Into The Gloss, literally ITG is one of the blogs that inspired this blog the hardest, I love how honest everything feels, the mix of celebrities, people from the industry and people from instagram came all together to discuss the one thing that binds us all;  beauty.

Everytime I have the time to sit down and read stories from ITG I get so inspired, from the way to use a product I already own, to wanting to try other products that look just so beautiful on everyone's cheeks. I have my eyes on that Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer, thank you Into The Gloss.

But primarily, every time I read this blog and start seeing the ITG Top Shelfies, I always seem to find some products that everyone has, they just do. One of them and the beginner of this list is: Heritage Store : Rosewater Spray.

I always ask myself, why everyone knows about things from their early life and no one told me? Why every newyork cool girls and boys have this product in their shelves? I can't NOT try it, I must run.

I totally forgot to actually buy it and try it, but then there it was, in front of me at the store, less than $10, it was sitting in the shelve poking my eye, I couldn NOT get it, so it became mine, as fast as the cashier could put it in a bag.

I left the store, got home, cleansed my face and used it, nothing happened, I was still the same. But that didn't last long...

A couple days after using this I realized that my skin was literally plumper, felt smoother, dry spots were part of the past, I was a new me, a moisturized and dewier me, what changed? only my toner.

I fell in love with this product, I feel my skin getting plumper and plumper by the day, if I use something different my skin will probably not feel as comfortable as it does when I use this.

I stole the New York girl holy grail and I'M NOT GIVING IT BACK SOON. 

I'm so glad I tried this product and I can't wait to try the rest of the 'TOP SHELF FAVES' and see what they really are all about. Is there any product that I should try? Is there any CULT CLASSIC I should be putting on my skin? If I do, please let me know. I sure care.

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