Glossier throws shade, for everyone!

It might sound like something coming out of the Interior Illusions Lounge from RuPaul's Drag Race, but this is totally not the case today.
We are here to celebrate the great shade range that Glossier just launched today!  

I couldn't be happier about this, since it's something I've been arguing about for the past year or so, how come Glossier, being such an inclusive brand has only 4-5 shades on their range, while brands like Fenty Beauty or Morphe has 50 or 60 shades respectively.
In an attempt to defend Glossier I always said that they were low coverage and that's why they worked on mostly everyone, however they were staying a little behind on the dark skin spectrum, however they finally did it!

Glossier didn't came up with such a large number for their products, but they don't need to, their products are so lightweight, low coverage and adaptable that they can basically suit any skin color and it's surroundings.

However now we can enjoy a closer shade to our skintone with their new-ish formula for their products. I personally love the Glossier Stretch Concealer for the everyday life or when I'm feeling extra low-maintenance I'll just put it under my eyes and on the red areas, that's  about it, it works!

What do you think? Does this makes you wanna try thw Glossier line? Let us know in the comments because we certainly care !

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