What's Kim Petras Favorite Highlighter? An Answer.

Kim Petras was such a discovery for me this year, starting up with randomly listening to Heart To Break, courtesy of Spotify's recommended, that created a spark and a little obsession on the song, so I decided to search more about this cool-song-artist...

Little did I know Kim had a big story, many songs and a LGBTQ bond, and as I kept doing my little research all I could think at the end was like: WOW! a Transgender Pop Queen, I'm in!

After obsessing over her other songs like; I Don't Want It At All, Hillside Boys, and Faded, a new thing to obsess over came along, a Halloween Themed EP. At that point I was like; OMG QUEEN YES GIVE IT TO ME!

At that point I considered myself a fan, I basically knew all of her published work and loved it. So as the opportunity came along, next step was a live show, I tried the bloom tour with Troye Sivan, but couldn't attend for one reason or the other, however I found my opportunity thanks to iHeart Radio on a study break at the UCSD campus, so I took it!

After arriving early to the place and waiting for a couple hours, my friend Samm and I finally got to see, hear, and hug Kim Petras. I didn't miss my opportunity to ask! I wanted to ask something I was really interested and invested about, I kinda wanted to ask about her journey as a trans pop star, but I knew that was an answer you couldn't get over a short meet and greet, so I asked about what I know...

What's your favorite highlighter?✨

At first I thought my question was kinda dumb and non-sense, she has way much more to offer than just the kind of highlighter she uses, however when she answered, she just felt to me like a girlfriend talking to me about the new product she found and loved at Sephora, she answer excited and fast!

'I use one from Tarte, it's actually not a highlighter, i'ts an eyeshadow pallete, like a round and blue one, Fenty Beauty obviously, i like the kinda pink one,  I also like to use all the ones from Becca cause they are amazing, I also like the use the Marc Jacobs one as a base, AND THEN use the others one to top it off, it just looks amazing'

My eyes were glowing as I heard how excited she was to talk about something, makeup-y for a change.

So that's my story on how I met Kim Petras, my very interesting question and  how I got an answer with the required level of excitement 💕

Whose Highlighter should we investigate next? Please tell me cause I surely care.✨


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