Skincare Products That Work: A list

Like I have previously mentioned many times, there's always a new product out, new indie brands come out everyweek and we can't put our finger in what brand offers what, because they all offer great skin, for a price.

As a beauty addict, I've tried many products over the course of the year, but only a few stick to my routine, wether it's for price, difficulty to find or just because it doesn't suit my skin.

But here's a list of products that DO work for my skin and they just stay on the purchase list every month, sometimes even out of fear of the 'out of stock' mark, we have a few in our beauty drawers.

Here's the list;


It just works! After about 4 weeks of everyday use my skin stsrts to feel supple and bouncy, fine lines are less noticeable and my skin just feels softer overall, besides you can't best that price! I stan.


Every time one of my friends are like 'what cleanser should I use?' Cetaphil just jumps in, it's gentle, it cleanses, I almost feel like it moisturizes, it has all you need in a cleaser, and same, unbeatable price.


I'm not the biggest fan of using expensive products since I feel that  there are many great products out there for an affordable price, however when I'm willing to pay $80 for an exfoliator, must be a pretty sick exfoliator.
This one you can feel it tingling and doing its thing, when I use it at night and follow up with an oil or a serum my skin looks perfect next morning, try a sample or 3 before committing to such a high price, and if you can, go for it, it's 100% worth it.


I don't know what it is, but I always seem to come back to this product in the winter time, no matter how many new products I try, my little blue tin is always in my beauty stash. My special tip for broken/scaly skin is using a dab of Nivea Creme and two drops of rosehip oil, that'll fix everything.

Do you agree with our list? Is there a product out there that DOES WORK ,yes or yes?
Please let us know if we're missing out, because WE SURELY want to know!

Thanks for reading, xo.
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