Say goodbye to dry skin: A method

I don't know for sure if winter is 'actually' here, what I do know is that my skin has like a 'fifth sense' and it can tell me when it's already cold...

I have a love / hate relationship with winter, I love the holidays and the food and the christmas spirit and the warm drinks that it brings to us, but the ton of layers on my outfits, the red wet nose and the desert dry skin makes me really resent it.

So because I want you to love and enjoy your 'almost here winter' I will provide you with products and techniques that help me to get rid of the achy breaky skin, without breaking the bank and hopefully without breaking out.


Literally purge your top shelfie, get rid of every drying product on your skin, so mostly all of the acne medication will have to go away since they are likely be formulated with BHA's, and those are very drying, so anything like Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide will be out of our routines, at least until the winter is gone.  If breakouts still ocurr try spot treatments like the Mario Badescu drying lotion or just spots of differin.


Now that youve gotten rid of most of the drying agents it's time to swap everything to 'hydrating'. Time to leave the gels behind and say hello to creams and balms, the thicker the better, the richer the softest, think about it. It's simple math, also the biggest tip, it's the perfect tile to use sleeping packs.


Once your skin is getting used to being moisturized and pampered basically every night, it's time to keep it that way, try to exfoliate (with soft exfoliants) about once a week just to get rid of any dead skin or flakiness that dryness can bring.


This may sound like the dumbest step, yet maybe the most important one. Maintaining your body hydrated it's super important for keeping diseases at bay and keeping your skin clear, healthy and bouncy, particularly in cold weather as it's about to get.  Stay quenched!

and my skin is looking dry and flaky and super red from it?

Well, just stick to a mask of either vaseline or aquaphor every other day, maybe sometimes try keeping it for a while on your face, and if you can't bear with the sensation of vaseline all over your face, try to just doing it on the bits of broken or scaly skin, make it suit you.

Those are the best tips we have for when your skin is super dry in the winter. Got any other? Please share it with us, because we obviously care!

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