Glossier Stretch Concealer: A Review

It´s been a while since I wanted to try the Glossier Stretch Concealer, there´s just something about the brand that resonates so much with me...

Not sure if it's the "low maintanence mantra" or the "yourself but better" or the fact that their products offer little coverage and look so natural (which is what i personally prefer on my looks). But this brands surely does something to me, they have great marketing, I want to work for them.

That great marketing leads to make me want to try all of their products, including the lipstick and blushes, (which usually don't go on my routine). But still, I want them all!

So back to the concealer and not the brand... for now...

For starters I have to put you in context, I go for very very LOW COVERAGE, I don't feel like I need too much on my face, my undereye area is not the darkest place, so a little light around the area will work for me. I used to use YSL Touche Eclat, until I realized I was paying so much for a little illumination, I, then moved on to a couple of other drugstore concealers which weren't a match for me.

Nothing was working for me at the time, so I stopped using concealer under my eyes, it was that or going back to the pretty expensive golden pen. However when I was living in Seoul, I heard about sales everywhere, so I left my boyfriends apartment in the hunt of a new concealer. 

I tried many Korean stores, like 'too cool for school' 'vdl' 'holika holika' (where I bought a lovely pink pen highlighter) but no concealer luck. I looked up and I saw a sign at the Missha store saying (to my little korean language knowledge) that they were having a sale and everything was 50% off! I ran!

I went straight to concealers, my eyes were after something. And there I found what is my biggest love for concealer to this day. My Missha Volume Brightening Concealer. The best concealer (IMO).


I've been now using this for two weeks and this is as good as it's going to get, like I said before, my personal preference is low coverage and more of a bright look, rather than a covered look. I don't have much to cover so I'm happy with the results, however the coverage is so little that I don't recommend this for my full-coverage friends, it will only leave you wondering why is it so shiny and why does it cover so little?! Also to all my peeps with oily skin this might not be for you, since it can crease and be rubbed off easily.

If you are like me and prefer a much more natural-shiny-almost-oily kinda look, you've found the right concealer!
If you are more of a kardashian-kinda-koverage, you will most likely hate this.

I like it, definitely doesn't win me over the Missha one, but for sure I could repurchase and be happy with this coverage.

What's your favorite concealer? what's your concealer story? where and how did you found it? Let us know cause we certainly care! 💕
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