What was Regina George's beauty routine like?

We all know her, we've all seen her, and we all know some dumb b*tch trying to act like her irl. But let's face it, no other blonde can be like her, no one has a silver lexus and no one else does car comercials in Japan.

Regina George is probably the blonde meanie as definition, beautiful, rich, and talented at being a bitch. But what brought us here today? Beauty. I've always saw regina not only as an inspiration but also as a beauty icon. I don't know where to begin to find information, so I'm making this list as in "what makeup would Regina George use"


I'm pretty sure Regina had naturally beautiful skin, however no matter how natural or beautiful, skincare is a must. She probably washed her face with fresh soy cleanser
and for moisturizer, the dramatically different moisturizing gel from Clinique, her skin looks well hydrated yet never dewy.


Her skin was always looking flawless and although we could say part of that was because of her 16 year old complexion or her naturally beautiful skin, I'm pretty sure she used something, maybe a matte foundation like Tarte amazonian clay foundation or Rihanna's Fenty beauty foundation, for that perfected matte skin.

She uses a very very pink blush, just on the apples of her cheeks, we could maybe say paaaarty from Tarte or even barely legal from Kylie cosmetics, maybe even a mix of these two?

Another thing on Regina's face is a signature extra glossy lip gloss, and i think Fenty beauty gloss bomb would perfectly fine to fill that part for you.

Eyes are simple, a small wing and mascara I guess? Not a really noticeable part of her routine.


Her hair always looked flawless, and in place, great volume too, so maybe she was big fan on The Ouai volumizing hair spray and L'Oreal elnett to always keep it in place.

Let's face it, besides ruining Janis Ian's life, Regina was a pretty cool girl and enjoyable to hang around, she also was a good friend in a way. There should be more Regina's out there, but not for the meanie bitchy ways, she was a leader, and an icon. 

Is there another thing you think we missed? is there another iconic pop culture person you would like to know (or guess) their beauty routines? let us know, THAT WOULD BE SO FETCH.

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