OILY SKIN? Try this moisturizer.

I found the Biossance: Squalene + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer.

There's a long story to how I got to this moisturizer, a story that includes a beauty box, but that will have to wait for another post. As soon as I got it I was so excited to try, I know Squalene and Probiotics are fancy ingredients, that withouth much knowledge you know they will do something great for you.

I tried it as soon as I washed my face and when application was happening,it felt a little dry. I have very dry skin so to me was an instant let down. However my skin was breaking out in that moment and I just washed my face with an oil free acne wash, I can't be this unfair, not the first time.I had hope.

After a couple weeks I decided to change my routine to a softer cleanser, since my skin was kinda clearing up at the moment.I applied and it felt better, not the best ever, but better.  Used it the next morning and the following night, I think I used it for 4 days when the miracle happen.

I woke up this wednesday morning, tired as usual, thinking about how much I need my day job and when will my blog become my full time job, I get up, look in the mirror and it's me. A better me, me but glowy, me but supple. My skin is looking like glass.

I keep using the product for about 2 weeks, no irritation, no redness, only getting better, I'm so happy I found this,

The sad part came when I ran out of this lovely product and I surely go to to make my purchase, sadly the bottle is $50.00, I definitely want to purchase but it's a little high in price particularly for a recent college graduate like me. I will save up some more and try to purchase sometime soon.

If you on the other hand can purchase ( and or send me one) please do, it will change your life ! Or at least will do much goods for your skin.

That's my sad yet very happy story about a product who broke my heart, but I will surely get it again, our path belongs together. I promise.

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