She swears this is not her everyday makeup routine.

She swears this is not her everyday makeup, yet this are the items in her makeup bag every-single-day. My dear dear friend Bibi is now on her way to Paris, so she is nowhere near to convince me to not post this out.

I wanted to post about 'what's in her bag' for a while, but she kept on telling me how the bag she carried everyday wasn't her everyday makeup look, how? I saw her applying the same lipsticks on the same blush mirror compact, so I decided for her, that her makeup bag was actually her everyday makeup, and here's what it includes:


"For foundation I like to use Tarte amazonian clay foundation and set it with Laura Mercier
translucent powder, to conceal I swear by Tarte shape tape concealer, it covers everything
and anything you need cover. I like to highlight too, so I would either use a little bit of 
Soap & Glory's blush in the shade 'love at first blush' as a blush/highlight duo, but when 
I'm feeling a little extra I'll go for Becca Shimmering skin perfector in Prysmatic Amethyst." 


I always use lipstick, red is my favorite color, I'm pale so I feel like I need it. However I 
tend to sway around many shades, my current go-to shades are Tarteist's Killin It and Kat
Von D's in Out Law. Ruby Woo by MAC is also a classic one I go back and forth with.


"I don't do much for eyes, except a little bit of mascara when I go out, but for the everyday 
nothing much."

-- as told to aery community. 

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