Have a trashy night: A guide

Having a trashy guilty night it's not an easy task, but someone must do it, someone has to have the guts and the ambition to be as trashy as one can be, after all as recently college grads, we work 6 days a week, try to keep a social life, hang out with the family, (some (un)lucky ones have to keep their flames in relationships) and so much more.

I need one day a week where it's just me, just me and my bad tv shows, me and my excessive face mask routine where I layer mask upon mask upon mask, all for the love and yearn of a better skin, while I eat all the calories and carbs my body can take, while I play League of Legends.

I'm an expert, I've been doing this for a while now and I'm ready to share my knowledge with all of you, when life feels like too much, let's get trashy and all will feel better, here's a guide.


In order to have a trashy night, you need a trashy tv show, my personal favorite is Rica Famosa Latina. It's Basically real housewives, but latinas so that means more drama, and more drama is trashy so it fits perfectly for the type of date you have with yourself tonight.


Trashy food for me it's basically junk food, but even worse, add your little extra touch, get some good sushi and add tons of sriracha to it, get a burger and throw fries inside, get that pizza and dip it in nacho cheese, trust me it will make your life 10x better.


Yes an outfit, it might not be the smartest idea, but trust me, it feels good. In order to be trashy you need to feel comfortable, so go to your closet and pick your pink Juicy Couture tracksuit and throw yourself in the couch/bed.


We might be trashy and eating extreme junk food, but hey our skin should be looking glowy and perfect. Try some face masks or serums, stuff your face as you will stuff your mouth with food,pamper yourself tonight in every way.

Done, you've now pass the course of trashy-ness. Do this every time when you feel stressed or life gets too much. And I guarantee that you'll feel better.


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