Cheating on my moisturizer: A hunt.

If you are somewhat familiarized with anything skincare, you might have heard how our skin eventually gets used to your products, so in that way they stop working as effectively as they once were, so it's often recommended that we stop using our holy grails for quite a while and then go back to it, so we give our skin a little break (and it doesn't develop some sort of resistance).

I wasn't really sure if that was a thing, sure sometimes products don't work as the first time you buy them, but don't these old ladies use their LaMer for ages and continues to work on them? Like I said, I wasn't sure until I realized, my moisturizer was no longer moisturizing.

I didn't wanted to believe, it felt like if I just fell out of love with my boyfriend, I didn't wanted to say goodbye, my La Roche Posay Lipikar has been so good to me, but recently I've been getting a bit of redness from it, and also moisturizing isn't great now. I knew I had to let go.

After a long inner cry with my dermatologist (and sometimes therapist) she recommended a few other moisturizer, I knew I could trust her, she introduced me to my two previous holy grail moisturizer, third one's a charm, or maybe fourth or fifth. I was not giving up.

She handed a few samples from different brands, talked me into trying a few and see how I felt about each one, and then move to the next one. Basically like dating after a breakup, I needed to compare everything to my old moisturizer, just to question myself why was I dumping my previous one.

Now I'm sitting in front of my computer asking to myself, will one of the new moisturizers love me as much as the last one? will I be as happy as I once were? will I ever stop using the word moisturizer in this article? I doubt it. Moisturizer.

As my journey starts I ask to all my friends and readers (which are also friends obvi) is there any moisturizer that you consider a holy grail? did it ever stopped working? have you cheat on a product before? a boyfriend? a restaurant? I feel you, you're not alone.


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