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Karley Sciortino, the blogger, turned Vogue columnist, turned tv hostess, turned book writer, shares her new book named; Slutever. A title which all of these media sensations share. In this book Karley shares her points of view on sex, love, feminism, casual hookups, relationships and man other topics that a modern young woman could or should be interested in. Also an attempt to end with the massive slut-shaming culture, and allowing a woman to express her sexuality freely, an interesting read, we can’t wait for you to get.

MISSHA: Volume Brightening Concealer

After living 6 months in South Korea, you eventually get the cosmetic hypes, I know I did, my friends did, and my boyfriend at the time did as well, he maybe wasn’t all into skincare, but I was, so he got many moisturizers to choose from every morning before work. After many bought products and many many “seobiseu” (서비스)  (the korean word for service, where they give you samples for everything)
I felt like shopping for a few recommended items to make my skin look even better, and blend in with the korean ideal glory, luminous skin.  I got into Missha, (very popular in the US) and started trying out products, it wasn’t until the lady in the counter, approached and invited me to try the “volume brightening” which was basically a under eye concealer, for sale, only 8,000W (basically $8)

My under eye was looking radiant, not tired from all the partying in Hong-dae and it looked natural, I just fell in love with the product, however , under the pile of things I already use on my face, I kinda forgot about it eventually, It wasn’t until a few days when I was going through my drawers and found this in its original box, just waiting to be used again, lovely product, lovely packaging.

TIP: This is (in my experience) a better concealer, even a dupe, for YSL Touche Eclat, definitely worth the $16 in its original price.


So, you might think, "wow guys you are definitely late on discovering these films" well, we aren't really, we just wanted to give you some holiday material if you are lonely this upcoming valentines, you can definitely stream these blood filled films to give yourself a break from the "oh so lovely day" and just sit back and relax watching some good old bloody valentines classics. Or you could also check our list on "Ideas for valentines when you're single" because we want to offer you simply the best. !

Happy valentines week friends :)

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