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Hello there my reader friend, this is yet another new area of my blog dedicated to the weekly discoveries we make over the course of the weeks.  Every monday (or so I hope, we will be gathering from 1 to 5 things that we discover and WE LIKED.  This particular area doesn’t exactly goes around the beauty category, although it is our main interest, followed by fashion (and music and movies and video games and food? )

We hope you enjoy our weekly discovery and continue reading more in this blog <3 i="">

BILLIE EILISH MUSIC : Don’t smile at me.
I discovered this talented pretty girl thanks to some facebook page i follow, where they uploaded her
song “six feet under” live, I heard the song and I can’t believe something like this would come out of a 15 year old , i was shooketh. Later on this past week, i decided to give myself a day off from life, a day in which i would only walk around the beach, and the city, drink coffee, read, write and listen to music. <> However I spent all my day listening to her album and it’s a mixture of teen love and some anger you get from it, usually focusing on heartbreak but in a very young way, which i love. 
Definitely take a minute to listen to her and judge yourself.

TOP PICKS: “my boy” “COPYCAT” “party favor”

So about 3 weeks ago, one of my closest friends asked me if I wanted to go with him for some shopping he needed to do before going back to school, that day I had like $11.00 on my pocket, but no plans for the day, so my answer was YES, after wondering through many stores, we got to TJMAX because you know, stuff. I was randomly walking around the beauty area, and what do I see? A DR. BRANDT+ CC CREAM… and it was on a pink package,  I was in love, so I look for online reviews and most of them were super positive, so considering the $3.00 price tag, i couldn’t say no, to this day it still performs great on my skin, giving a soft focus effect, with not much coverage, but a nice and moisturized sensation, and a more perfected looking skin.

TIP; Use by itself, doesn’t blend great with foundations, but works great for the everyday on its own use.


OK so, these are wonderful, these are great and these came to the attention thanks to my ex.
while having a terrible experience with a brand and its awful customer service/shipping, I decided to make my own purple highlights, with some purple and gold pigment my ex had around, the results were mind blowing and just overall great, next week I’m at the Bissu Store, buying like 10 of these little baby pigments, they are VERY shimmery and pretty, mixable and it blends too good with skin.
I personally enjoy #11 and #23 both with a “silvery” yet lavender undertone highlight. And the price, about a dollar a piece, when does it gets better than that??

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