IDEAS FOR VALENTINES DAY (as explained by movies and tv)

 (when you don’t have a valentine)

February 14 is a very hard date already, is not only the day where everything is red and heartsy and annoying, but it’s also there to remind you that you either have to buy a really nice present for the one you love, or to remind you that there’s not a “one you love”. So if you’re the latter this list is for you.

Just to remind you that love can also be shared with friends, or that guy you met once.

1.- HAVE  A SLEEPOVER WITH FRIENDS  (and sing love is a battlefield)

Slumber parties are great in general, you get to be with a bunch of friends, watch movies, eat ice cream, it’s generally a great idea, go to the dollar store and get the cheapest looking boas, dance in your pajamas, jump in the bed, and just sing your heart out to those 80’s songs that our moms know so well. 

2.GO OUT CLUBBING WITH FRIENDS ( and get super drunk)

Maybe clubbing is a thing everyone does, at any moment in a week, but valentines day is your day to show the world you’re an independent human who doesn’t need a man (or woman) to be happy on the day of the lovers. 

3.HAVE A CHICK-FLICK MARATHON (if you’re extra enough, dress as your favorite character)

This is something I have previously done myself with my two best friends back in 2013, we got bottles of wine, food, the entire Sex and the City series and we were wearing an allusive piece or accessory of your favorite character. Hint; I was wearing a tutu and a tank top, EZ.

Chick flicks worth watching are;  How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days /Legally Blonde/ 10 things i hate about you/ Bridget Jones Diary/ 13 going on 30 (obvi) and so many others.

4. WATCH SLASHER FILMS ( and think about exes, it’s fun)

So, this is something I did Valentines 2013, I was lonely, recently broken up a long relationship and obviously, not in the mood of seeing movies where others were completely in love and at the end it would all work out just fine, it didn’t happened to me so I decided to go the other route, started by watching “My bloody valentine” because it fit, then moved to no Texas Chainsaw, and Halloween, mixing holidays it’s super cool right now.

5.HAVE DINNER WITH OTHER SINGLE FRIENDS. (and talk about possible matchups with your friends friends)

Dating should be fun, and although most times than not, dates tend to be awkward and end up in a really funny story for your friends, dating overall is just meeting someone new, have a nice chat and dinner, and well, expect for the best, why not?  So maybe your friend’s friends might be a nice place to start, you have that cool friend in common, that means, you both have excellent taste in friends.!


Just enjoy valentine's day with your friends and the ones you love, gives them chocolate, eat that chocolate, have fun and enjoy the single years while you have them, you never know about next year :)

Happy Valentines !

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