Skincare is the new instagram, or at least the new thing to instagram about, everyone is doing it, everyone is launching a skincare line and everyone is following the hype.  All we see on social media are these beautiful and sometimes overpriced brands, who show a million different products with a million different ingredients sometimes we don’t know about.

also i’ve realized that a lot of people on their early 20’s are confused on how to start taking 
care of their skin, when all they know is “wash your face day and night” they never hear anything else,
so today i’m breaking it down for you, very important 3 steps to take care of your skin.

It’s easy and somewhat affordable.


Cleanser is super important, there’s dirt in the air, in our hands, it’s everywhere, also if you use makeup, after a long day it can clog your pores and not allow you to breathe properly, so at night
before bed, you should all cleanse your face. For so I recommend the one face cleanser i’ve felt 
suits everyone, oily, dry, combo, it’s just a super neutral formula and also, it’s very gentle, and best thing, not super expensive, you can get it at any walmart or target.


this is probably the most important and personal step, why? Because its made to fix or treat that
one thing that you might be not so comfortable with, such as , acne, fine lines, pitted scars, dark spots, there are so many things you might want to fix, so here are a few options.

dry skin; dry skin is awful and we all hate it, also is not as easily treatable as oily skin imo. so i would recommend if you have dry skin use something (anything) with hyaluronic acid, it’s definitely a life changer, it will make your skin feel moisturized and look plump, also will help with filling any fine lines you may have developed by this same condition. 

acne ; acne sucks, let’s just put it out there, and getting rid of it ain’t easy, but not easy, doesn’t mean impossible. a good way to start is adding up something helpful in your routine, and there are many things you could do to start, such as changing your cleanser to one with salicylic acid, or similar ingredients, but for now we recommend the mario badescu buffering lotion, the new big deal. If you go to Ulta , you’ll most likely get directed there. Clear skin is a process, and buffering lotion makes it easier.

dark spots: dark spots as any other skin condition are annoying, but when they are only dark spots, they get easy to cover and all you have to do is wait, and try to fix and exfoliate your skin, and clear it up ASAP. There’re  a few ingredientes that will help you light up your face, vitamin c, snail filtrate, bla
 bla. Our favorite is definitely “Niacinamide” an ingredient that will help with dark spots, wrinkles, and even acne, so there you know, remember this name cause it’s the one to heal all.


this step is super important since, it will help your skin to balance outthe moisture that goes into your skin and the natural oils it should produce. So here you would have to find one that suits your skin needs, such as, if you have oily skin, go for a more “gel like” moisturizer, and if you have dry skin go for a rich cream, however if you’re combination or simply normal skin, i recommend something like the cosrx: black head power cream, it’s just right in the middle, it does have some acne treatment included, however, won’t do anything bad if your skin is good, it would actually make your skin look like a soft focus primed skin. 

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