Hello friends, and welcome to the first installment of “empties” a series in which we will focus on products we recently ended and our opinion of it. Sometimes great products will come your way, sometimes we will talk and even bash products we don’t like or live for. If you have any opinions or questions about any of the products mentioned, please let us know .

Hope you enjoy reading our stuff and wait excited for our next story, thank you  !!


I’ve had this little tube for a few months now and all i can say is I WILL REPURCHASE
at first i wasn’t quite convinced from it, because i felt it didn’t had enough pigment, and it didn’t held my brow hairs in place throughout the whole day like other brow gels did, however, i test drive it for a while, I would use the boy brow, and next day i would use a different brow gel, but then i felt like brows were too stiff, and very high-fashion show looking, and the boy brow was so natural, the pigment was right where it should be, definitely another marvelous creation by glossier.
Not to mention this is the brow gel beyonce uses, just putting it out there...


I think it has been 5 years since i discovered dry shampoo, and 3 years since i discovered this one. i tried a few brands but, there was always a “but” some of them were nice BUT some too powdery, some too white, some too expensive, until one day at rite aid, i found this little white and green bottle of a dry shampoo travel size, it was so cute and only like $3.00 so i picked it up and brought it home with me, ever since that day i use this one religiously, it makes my hair and scalp feel fresh, it’s not too powdery, it doesn’t make my hair look white, and it’s affordable, i seriously love this one and i will keep buying until they stop selling it. Best i’ve found.


NATURE REPUBLIC:  Pure Foundation

 This is probably the best light coverage foundation i have ever tried, in every way.
When i was in South Korea, I wanted to buy many things, but as a student there’s only so much you can purchase if you want to eat the upcoming week. One day my new friends decided they wanted to go to “myeong-dong” just too look around. BAD IDEA
Turns out this particular weekend that we decided to go, was actually the weekend with many sales in everything, so while we were “just looking” i ended up at a beautiful store, where i found a Foundation for only $2.50, I tried it on my hand and it reminded me so much to a Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, but in a slightly thicker consistency, i loved it, coverage is light, buildable, yet natural all the way, definitely a must buy if you are around SK, or any  Koreatown in the US. 

ONE BIG DOWNSIDE; there’s only 3 shades, and the darkest doesn’t even get past  MAC NC-25  :(


Where do I start describing this product? By the low price, the cute packaging, or the incredible unbelievable instagram filter that it  gives to your skin?  Yeah, let’s start there. While in Korea cushions are everything, you see them in stores, you see them at the subway, while girls get ready before a night out, and you see them in the coffee shops at 4 :50 am, before girls get ready to take the subway home after a long night of partying. As a beauty junky, cushions were on my list, and I did bought a few, but i regret so much not spending $50 on bringing some more home. This cushion is perfection, is lightweight, very moisturizing, glowing, and the best part, it gives a blurring effect, for real, even if u have pimples or uneven skin tone, no primer needed, no sunscreen needed, this is your 4 in one (Sunscreen, primer, foundation, highlighter)
If you ever have the chance to get your hands on this, i recommend 100%, . Even if its not exactly your skin tone, use it for the blurring properties and add your foundation on top, it worked for me on the summer while my skin was way to dark for shade 23.

COSRX: Blackhead Power Cream.

This is the last item im writing about, it’s a gem, it’s also inexpensive, and it’s just marvelous formula. It’s a gel-like texture moisturizer packed with BHA, to help you with those annoying spots, and it works pretty fast, it’s more of a situation item for me.
After a night of pizza and junk food i will get the annoying spots, pop this product on my face for about 3 nights in a row, and these red babies will be gone, it’s super recommended for people with oily and acne prone skin, it will change your life if you do, i’m quite sad to see her go, but i haven’t find her anywhere around. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

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