Ever since I came back from Korea, with all the knowledge from my student and class mates,(in terms of beauty)  my skin has been looking pretty well, pretty healthy and pretty glowy, and although it is a hard work, it’s all worth it.

Korean beauty it’s all about steps, layering products and high maintenance, and some of my friends and even instagram followers have asked about my routine and what do i do to make it look so “highlighted”.

Well besides the actual highlighter, I do look after my skin and have a very up there skincare routine, starting by never going to bed without washing your face (which i just did the night of my birthday) and always use sunscreen and moisturizer. 


My entire beauty routine starts when i wash my face with simple Neutrogena acne wash ( the pink one) or Cetaphil cleanser, pretty basic tbh. Move on to serums and moisturizer, I use an essence and emulsion from Nature Republic, these are packed with vitamin C and Niacinamide, for a brighter looking skin.

TIP: Sometimes when my skin is feeling a little red, I add a few drops of visine on my moisturizer to tone it down a bit.

Afterwards i spray a bit of Green tea facial mist from the Face Shop  just because i love the scent and indeed i feel a bit of lock-moisture , it might be my imagination but somehow makes sense.

Once my skin doesn’t feel tacky anymore, I would move on to apply sunscreen and my holy grail,


Yep, that’s right, I’ve been using this baby since the day i got it ( and repurchased) it’s so soft, so moisturizing and it gives a bit of coverage, nothing too crazy, but it blurs the skin and it gives a glow, while toning down the redness, it’s legit a gem. It’s from Nature Republic and it’s the Africa Bird, BB Moisturizer.

Once this is done, i would move on to apply Glossier Haloscope in Rose Quartz and the Boy Brow in brown.

After this, it’s either a bit of powder on the sides of my nose, or just leave it like that for a more glory natural look.

That’s about all it takes to make your skin look glowy and blurred, have fun while attempting and don’t be shy on the highlighter. 
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