SURVIVING 30-ish hours flight #PART 2 | SEOUL TO LOS ANGELES

I remember starting part 1 in the exact same place as I am right now, PEK Airport, I’m not sure it it’s the huge space or all the free time I have before making my connection to fly to LAX, but what I do know is that it inspires me to do a part two, with things I learned over the past few months I lived in South Korea and how to apply all that new knowledge into my long airport haul and now, share it with you.

Last time I was here I had a backpack and a suitcase, this time I have a suitcase a backpack a new suitcase and one black handbag. Q: What that translates into? A: Disaster !!!
Seoul has amazing cosmetics and amazing fashion, at a very affordable price, besides being that one friend (me) that moves to Seoul and constantly talks about how awesome the beauty products are, of course all of your friends are going to be dying over them and they will ask you to bring some, what did we learned?  Either shut your mouth and don’t tell to your friends about it or just bring some extra space.  My biggest advice (if you’re in this situation) would be just grab a taxi, and wear your comfiest shoes, because carrying two nearly 20 Kilos bags it’s not comfortable on these.


This might sound contradictory, but it’s a life saver. Wearing a lightweight hoodie or tee, and a warm coat it’s very useful since you don’t know exactly what weather you’re facing. EX: Seoul was extremely cold, but then, ICN Airport was very very warm, to the point of sweating on a coat, take the plane and fly to PEK, where the airport is freezing, but one coat off, and I’m ready for Los Angeles.
Sometimes I would say that layering is the best thing when you want to stay in style and warm, but for cases like this, practicality  takes over.


This might seem obvious but it’s just so useful to do so, last time was a pain in the ass to have everything in my backpack and having to reach to it every time I needed it, this time around (besides having a handbag) carrying a little agenda with a fold where I could place my passport, ticket and visa was very very helpful and as the worrier for loosing stuff that I am, I felt pretty save this time.

I’m not telling my experience, just do it, be smart.

I am a very hyper kind of guy who gets bored very easily, so besides writing for my blog and taking photos of this, I also downloaded Machete and Planet Terror, for the ride and the haul, also have some HTGAWM pending saved on my computer, so whenever I get bored of Rodriguez, Annelise Keating can come in and save the day.

ALSO face masks at the airport around 2AM it’s pretty fun to do, there’s no much people and the few just give you a quick look and go on with their lives, is an airport after all.

Very self-explanatory, just bring water, moisturizer, lip balm all of your chargers, hand cream, that neck pillow you forget to buy and your boyfriend gives you his. All you feel might be necessary for you to have a very comfortable flight, and remember it must be under 100ml.

OVERALL enjoy your flight, look your best/worst, who cares?