GREAT TIPS from people with GREAT HAIR [PART 1]

I still don’t know how they do it !  Years after years i’ve had the same friend with amazing hair standards, hair that is always on place, that it’s always shiny and that’s always looking healthy and just gorgeous in general, I’m sick of them. I’m starting to think I hate my friends. So I wonder what is the reason of their gorgeous hair, is it genetics? some kind of sorcery? or just really good unusual tricks these kids do to always keep their head and hair put together and ready to face demons, monsters and ex’s. I decided to ask…

“I love my hair so I’m always on the look for Pinterest posts or Youtube tutorials  or even magazines for keeping it healthy. I seriously love DIY’s  and Home remedies since I believe the y give you the best results,  I love oils such as coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil,  I make this mix of an avocado, olive oil and an egg yolk to make this hair mask for keeping my hair shiny, hydrated and bouncy. When I feel it gets too oily I just dab  a little bit of Baking soda on my scalp and then wash it off. My favorite product for life is a 3 dollar Mexican shampoo called “Savilé”  the Chile version so my hair grows faster and prettier. Also I believe diet is super important for having a healthy hair, so i love eating greens, such as spinach and avocado, also always drink lots of water” @vanesssapadillla

“I have quite oily and thick hair, so once in the look for something to make it less oily my aunt recommended me to  mix a little bit of powder detergent with my regular shampoo,  this completely cleans your scalp  and of course your hair, but it should not be used more than once a month or it will dry out your hair.”   @samsacs

“I don’t have lots of tips or secrets to make my hair look nice but i really like to brush it around three times a day,  I also love coconut oil for my split ends, since my hair gets a little dry sometimes i just rub it on the ends and up but never into the scalp or it gets super oily, also as a habit I try not to use so much tools as an flat iron or a hair dryer”  @paolagh26

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