Just today I received my new Milky Jelly Cleanser that Glossier was kind enough to send to me and I couldn’t wait for the night to cleanse my face so I used it right away…

First thing I saw was the packaging, starting with a closed box with a sticker saying “We’re all Snowflakes” sadly the sticker was ripped in order to open the box, but the inside was oh so much better.  As soon as I opened the box all I saw was pink, pretty pink (actually Glossier Pink)  Stickers with the name, TWO small plastic cosmetic bags (or at least that’s the use i’ll give them)  and of course a 6oz bottle of the Milky Jelly Cleanser by Glossier, first thing that crossed my mind was to open it and smell it,  I sensed two things, roses and clean, and those two together are pure magic. 

The moment of trying the actual product was coming closer but let’s go back a little bit on my skin issues; I had cystic acne back when I was 18, thankfully right now the cysts are gone, but regular acne comes and goes and it left marks every single time,  red marks all over my face, It’s sad since they take time to leave, but they don’t go away when acne is still a recurring problem, also having super sensitive red skin is an issue, my whole face is apparently pink, which is not nice since this is not the 90’s and i’m not wearing any sort of foundation. 

Back on track, I decided to use two pumps only, smear it all over my face and hope for the best, it felt light, i didn’t feel that soapy foamy sensation i get usually with my Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash, which has been with me for the past 5 years. I was able to open my eyes and they were not burning, and then i just continue massaging my face and then rinse.

At the moment of rinsing I obviously use my hands, but this time around my skin didn't felt pulled by them when removing the excess of cleanser, my skin felt hydrated rather than dry as it feels usually after i wash my face.   I went back to my room with the strongest lighting in my house and the magic happen. In that moment I realized I was completely in love with this product and that there was no turning back…

My face was NOT RED… Not at all, not even a little, and the strange part is that, I believed my whole life that the redness i got after washing my face was maybe because of the rubbing, but not this time,  so maybe it was all of them other products I tried before that all they did was irritate me and left me with my skin feeling like sand.

I fell in love with this cleanser since I can’t find anything wrong with it,  all I see are positive aspects of it, such as;

*No redness.
*No dry skin or pulling sensation after cleansing skin.
*Great scent.
*Eyes open while cleansing.
*Skin felt clean, soft and hydrated.
*No stripped skin.
*No foamy-Soapy sensation.
*Best Cleanser Ever.

*One day my bottle will eventually be empty.

I’ve seriously love this product, take it from someone whose skin gets red out of nothing  and gets 5 spots just by eating a slice of pizza, this thing really works !

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