Three years ago I had a year off school and I was not really sure what I wanted to do with my life yet, I had so many interests like, writing and fashion and photography and
 I believed that maybe a magazine or films or a PR firm were the best bet for me. In my senior year in High School I asked a teacher what was the best thing I could do to get into that world, and she said "start a blog, write about your interests and use it in the future as an extra experience" so that just stayed in my head for the rest of the year, and when the year was about to finish I decided I'd create one.

I started writing about everything I was interested in, trends, colors, people, cameras and everything fashion related, however i never felt completely comfortable with it since, the blog itself was not with MY CONTENT, yes it had my thoughts, about other people content, so I was not really satisfied with it, so over the years I posted less and less, then I started moving onto other topics such as beauty and lifestyle, but still it didn't feel right.

Months later of not posting a thing, I felt like a needed a change, and I needed to take the trace with me, so i deleted all of my posts and started over.

I always had the interest of photographing street style, people and their outfits and knowing their story, so after reading blogs like, The Sartorialist and the late Jak and Jil, I decided I wanted to to something similar, but since i can't travel all over the world, do it in my city.

Now majoring in Communications and thanks to my photography class (and teacher)  i took in college I feel like this is much more personal, since is my content with my ideas and my thoughts over all.

I will not only talk about fashion or street style, I will also cover music, movies, lifestyle, design and many other things i'm interested in, so I hope you become a regular and you like what you see.

Thanks for reading this weird introduction xx

-Ives Ivanov
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